About Me

I have pioneered the first UK ‘niche’ service for the neuroendocrine surveillance and neurorehabilitation of survivors of childhood brain and other tumours established in 1999. I currently support over 700 brain tumour survivors in a multidisciplinary inpatient and outpatient service at University College London and Gt Ormond Street Hospitals. 

My interests in paediatric endocrinology are particularly geared to abnormalitites of growth and development, hormone excess and deficiency, especially as they pertain to children with malignancy, particularly brain tumours. I have published original research and review articles in peer-reviewed literature and given original papers and invited state of the art lectures at national and international conferences on the topics of hormone secretion, growth, pubertal and fertility status after cancer therapies.

I published a doctorate on the neuroendocrine hormone secretory disturbances observed during and after different therapies for childhood brain tumours in 1995, which still remains the only longitudinal prospective clinical study in this cohort.

I continue to be active in clinical research in this area of childhood malignancy, participating  in national and international collaborative cancer trials, teaching and training, and representing the adult and endocrine societies as a national stakeholder and expert in the area of childhood cancer and endocrine dysfunction.

I am a member of the Medical Protection Society.